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Discover the Hidden Treasure: Is a 1979 Dollar Coin Worth Anything? Unveiling the Value of this Vintage Gem!

is a 1979 dollar coin worth anything
Is a 1979 Dollar Coin Worth Anything?If you have come across a 1979 dollar coin, you might be wondering if it holds any value beyond its face value. It's always exciting to stumble upon old coins, as they can sometimes be worth more than their denomination. In this article, we will explore the topic of the 1979 dollar coin and determine its potential worth in today's market. So let's dive in and uncover the hidden treasures!

The History of the 1979 Dollar Coin

The 1979 dollar coin, also known as the Susan B. Anthony dollar, was introduced as an alternative to the one-dollar bill. Named after the prominent women's rights activist, Susan B. Anthony, this coin was the first U.S. currency to feature a real-life woman. The U.S. Mint produced the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin from 1979 to 1981 and briefly reintroduced it in 1999. It was intended to replace the Eisenhower dollar, which had not gained much popularity among the public.


Face Value and Composition

The face value of the 1979 dollar coin is, of course, one dollar. It has the same denomination as any other U.S. dollar coin. However, what sets it apart is its composition. The Susan B. Anthony dollar coin is made of a combination of copper, zinc, and manganese. It features a copper-nickel outer layer and a solid copper core. This unique composition gives the coin its distinct appearance.

Is the 1979 Dollar Coin Worth More Than One Dollar?

Unfortunately, the 1979 dollar coin is not generally worth more than its face value in the current market. Due to its relatively recent minting and high production numbers, these coins are quite common and easily obtainable. However, there are a few variations and specific conditions that could increase their value to collectors.

Rare Varieties

While the majority of 1979 dollar coins are not worth much beyond their face value, there are a few rare varieties that can fetch a higher price. One such variety is the 1979-P Wide Rim coin. This particular coin has a wider rim around the edge, and its scarcity makes it more valuable to collectors. Another rare variety is the 1979-S Type 2 coin, which has a clearer mint mark and is sought after by numismatists.


Grading and Condition

Like any other coin, the 1979 dollar coin's value can also depend on its grading and condition. Coins that are in excellent condition, with minimal wear and no damage, tend to be more desirable among collectors. If you happen to find a well-preserved 1979 dollar coin, it could be worth slightly more than its face value.

Where Can You Sell a 1979 Dollar Coin?

If you own a 1979 dollar coin and wish to sell it, there are several avenues available to you. One option is to approach local coin dealers or numismatic shops. These professionals have expertise in evaluating the value of coins and may be interested in purchasing your coin for their inventory or to sell to collectors. Online marketplaces and auction websites can also be a great platform to reach a wider audience of potential buyers.


In conclusion, while the 1979 dollar coin is not typically worth more than its face value, there are certain rare varieties and well-preserved coins that can hold some value to collectors. If you come across a 1979 dollar coin, it's always worth examining it closely to see if you have stumbled upon a hidden gem. Remember, the condition and rarity of the coin play a significant role in determining its value. So, hold onto your coin and explore various selling options to get the best possible price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are all 1979 dollar coins worth more than one dollar?

No, the majority of 1979 dollar coins are not worth more than their face value. Only certain rare varieties and coins in excellent condition hold additional value.

2. How can I determine the condition of my 1979 dollar coin?

You can assess the condition of your 1979 dollar coin by examining its overall appearance, looking for any signs of wear or damage. Grading services provided by professional coin grading companies can also help determine the condition of your coin.

3. Can I spend a 1979 dollar coin as regular currency?

Yes, a 1979 dollar coin can still be used as legal tender in the United States. However, due to its potential value to collectors, it might be more beneficial to sell it at its market price.

4. Where can I learn more about coin collecting?

There are many resources available online and in print that can provide valuable information on coin collecting. Websites like the American Numismatic Association and various coin collecting books can be great starting points for expanding your knowledge.

5. What other dollar coins might be worth more than their face value?

Some other dollar coins that have the potential to be worth more than their face value include certain years of the Sacagawea dollar, Presidential dollar coins, and Morgan silver dollars.

Now that you have a better understanding of the 1979 dollar coin, you can appreciate its historical significance. While the majority of these coins may not hold substantial value, the excitement of potentially finding a rare variety or a well-preserved coin makes coin collecting an intriguing hobby. So keep an eye out for those hidden treasures!


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