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Super Bowl Coin Flip: Discover Which Famous Personality Kicked Off the Biggest Game!

who did the super bowl coin flip

The Super Bowl Coin Flip: A Tradition Filled with Excitement and Symbolism

When it comes to the Super Bowl, there are countless traditions that have become an integral part of this iconic sporting event. One such tradition, eagerly awaited by millions of viewers around the world, is the coin flip. This seemingly simple act holds great significance and sets the stage for the ultimate showdown between two football powerhouses. In this article, we will delve into the history of the Super Bowl coin flip, the individuals who have performed this task, and the impact it has on the game.

The Origins of the Coin Flip


The tradition of the coin flip dates back to the very first Super Bowl held in 1967. It was devised as a fair and impartial method to determine which team would have the first possession of the ball. The concept of flipping a coin itself is deeply rooted in history, as it has been used as a method of decision-making for centuries.

From a symbolic standpoint, the coin flip represents the start of a new chapter in football history. As the coin spins through the air, the tension builds, and both teams eagerly await the outcome, knowing that their fate in the game might be influenced by this single flip.

Who Performs the Coin Flip?


The individual who performs the Super Bowl coin flip is often a person of great significance or relevance to the world of football. Over the years, this honor has been bestowed upon a wide array of individuals, ranging from legendary players and coaches to esteemed celebrities.

Notably, the NFL has invited a range of distinguished guests to conduct the coin flip. These include former Super Bowl MVPs, respected military personnel, and even astronauts. The choice of the coin flipper is often a carefully considered decision, aimed at capturing the spirit and importance of the game.

Impact on the Game


While the coin flip may seem like a mere formality, it can have a profound impact on the game. Winning the coin toss grants a team the opportunity to choose whether they want to kick off or receive the ball first. This decision can set the tone for the entire game, influencing the strategies employed by both teams.

Additionally, the coin flip can also impact the morale and mindset of the players. The team winning the coin toss often gains an early psychological advantage, instilling a sense of confidence and momentum. On the other hand, the team that loses the coin toss may feel a slight setback, which can influence their approach to the game.


The Super Bowl coin flip, though seemingly simple, holds immense significance in the world of football. From its origins as a fair method of determining possession to its symbolic representation of a new chapter in the sport's history, the coin flip embodies the excitement and anticipation that surrounds the Super Bowl. The individuals who perform this task, carefully chosen for their relevance to football, add to the grandeur of the event.

As millions of viewers around the world eagerly await the next Super Bowl coin flip, they understand that this moment sets the stage for an epic battle between two football giants. It is a reminder that even the smallest actions can have a big impact on the outcome of the game.


1. Is the coin used in the Super Bowl coin flip special?

No, the coin used in the Super Bowl coin flip is not special. It is a regular coin, often chosen to represent the host city or feature the logos of the competing teams.

2. Has the outcome of the Super Bowl ever been influenced by the coin flip?

While the coin flip itself does not directly impact the outcome of the game, winning the toss can influence the strategies and mindset of the teams, potentially affecting the final result.

3. Who was the first person to perform the Super Bowl coin flip?

Bart Starr, the legendary Green Bay Packers quarterback, had the honor of performing the first-ever Super Bowl coin flip in 1967.

4. Are there any rules or regulations regarding the Super Bowl coin flip?

Yes, the NFL has specific rules in place for the coin flip. The referee flips the coin, and the team captains call heads or tails. The winner of the toss gets to choose whether to kick off or receive the ball.

5. What happens if the coin lands on its edge during the Super Bowl coin flip?

If the coin lands on its edge during the Super Bowl coin flip, it is considered a rare occurrence. In such cases, the coin is usually re-flipped to determine the outcome.


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