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Unveiling the Super Bowl Coin Toss: Meet the Coin-Flipping Hero!

who's flipping the coin at the super bowl

The Mystery Behind Who's Flipping the Coin at the Super Bowl


The Super Bowl, the grandest stage of American football, is not only about the exhilarating game and halftime show. It's also about the traditions and rituals that add to the excitement and mystique surrounding this iconic event. Among these traditions is the coin flip, which determines which team gets the first possession. But have you ever wondered who gets the honor of flipping that all-important coin? Let's dive into the mystery behind who's flipping the coin at the Super Bowl.

The Role of the Honorary Coin Toss Captain

Every year, the Super Bowl chooses an honorary coin toss captain to perform the coin flip. This individual is usually someone who has made significant contributions to the sport of football or has a deep connection with the hosting city. The honorary captain can be a former player, coach, celebrity, or even a member of the military.


Being the honorary coin toss captain is a prestigious role that comes with great responsibility. The chosen individual not only gets to participate in one of the most exciting moments of the Super Bowl but also represents the values and spirit of the game.

The Selection Process

The selection process for the honorary coin toss captain is shrouded in secrecy. The Super Bowl organizing committee, in collaboration with the NFL, carefully chooses someone who aligns with the Super Bowl's theme and resonates with the fans. The committee considers various factors, such as the individual's impact on the game, their connection with the hosting city, and their overall contribution to football.

While the selection process is kept confidential, it often leads to surprising and exciting choices. The honorary coin toss captain is revealed only a few weeks before the Super Bowl, creating anticipation and speculation among football enthusiasts.

The Significance of the Coin Flip

The coin flip is not just a mere formality. It holds significant importance in determining which team gets the first possession and sets the tone for the game. The team winning the coin toss can choose to receive the kickoff, kick off themselves, or choose which goal to defend.

Moreover, winning the coin toss can impact the strategies employed by the teams. Some teams prefer to start with the ball, aiming for an early lead, while others may choose to kick off to gain field position advantage or rely on their defense to set the tone.

The Ritual and Execution

The coin flip ritual begins with the referee meeting both team captains at midfield. The referee then presents the coin to the honorary coin toss captain, who typically represents the home team. The honorary captain then flips the coin in the air, and the visiting team captain calls heads or tails while the coin is in the air. The referee catches the coin and reveals the outcome.


This simple act of flipping a coin creates an electric atmosphere in the stadium, with fans eagerly watching to see which team will gain the upper hand.


The coin flip at the Super Bowl is not just a random toss. It is a carefully orchestrated event that adds to the excitement and tradition of this legendary sporting event. The honorary coin toss captain, selected based on their contributions to football, plays a significant role in this ritual, setting the stage for the game ahead. The coin flip may seem like a small moment, but it holds immense importance in determining which team gains the early advantage and sets the tone for the Super Bowl showdown.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can the coin flip affect the outcome of the game?

While the coin flip itself doesn't directly impact the outcome of the game, it can influence the strategies employed by the teams and set the tone for the match.

2. Has there ever been a memorable coin flip moment at the Super Bowl?

Yes, there have been instances where the coin flip has become a memorable moment. For example, in Super Bowl XLIX, the New England Patriots won the toss and elected to defer, leading to a thrilling game against the Seattle Seahawks.

3. Are there any superstitions or rituals associated with the coin flip?

While there are no specific superstitions or rituals associated with the coin flip, teams may have their own pre-game routines or traditions that they follow before the flip.

4. Can the honorary coin toss captain influence the outcome of the coin flip?

No, the honorary coin toss captain does not have any influence over the outcome of the coin flip. It is a fair and random process.

5. Who holds the record for the most Super Bowl coin flip wins?

As of now, there is no individual or team that holds a specific record for the most Super Bowl coin flip wins. The outcome of the coin flip is purely based on chance.


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